Shaggy Boat Blind

Part Number BL-SYF
  • $905.00

The Shaggy Blind is our newest boat blind. It contains over 2000 strips of burlap, hemp, camo and poly material to provide your boat a deep 3-D look. When the wind blows the material flows with the breeze allowing your boat to blend into the natural rhythm of the marsh around you.

The Shaggy Boat Blind is easy to assemble and comes complete with all hardware and photo instructions.

The Shaggy Boat Blind trailers well in the folded down position and raise in just seconds. The open top slot provides easy viewing and shooting.

  • The blind comes in a kit that fits boats from 14' to 20'.
  • Strong 1" galvanized, lightweight frame is indestructible.
  • Shaggy Pro Hunter is extremely easy to install with our photo instructions.
  • The blind Shaggy cover flows and flutters in the breeze, matching the natural harmonics of vegetation around it.
  • The bottom section is weighted which keeps the blind along the gunnel in the strongest winds. Lifts up for easy entry and exit from the water without lowering the blind.
  • The blind top has a long narrow shooting gap. You pick the width of the opening when you install the blind.
  • Rolls up with shaggy material on the inside of the mesh liner for trailering.
  • Fits, square, V, and modified V hunting and fishing boats.

The buckles attach to your boat gunwale by screw or bolt into T-Rails. You can install this blind in less than two hours. This blind raises in seconds and snaps together with our buckles, it looks great on and off the water.

This is what you see:


This is what the ducks don't see:

Shaggy Boat Blind, Idaho hunt.

Watch the following video for helpful tips when installing your boat blind:

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