Multi Layer Steel Performance Head Gasket (Large Vanguard)

Part Number PC-906
  • $60.00

Introducing our advanced Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) Head Gasket, designed to meet the demands of high-performance engines. Unlike conventional graphite-coated gaskets, our MLS Head Gasket is engineered for strength and durability, making it the perfect choice for modified engines.

Constructed with precision and built to last, our MLS Head Gasket offers unmatched resilience in the face of extreme pressures and temperatures. Whether you've outfitted your engine with performance heads, custom carburetor kits, or upgraded pistons, our MLS Head Gasket delivers the reliability you need to unleash your engine's full potential.

Experience the confidence of superior performance and endurance with our MLS Head Gasket. Upgrade your engine and elevate your driving experience today.

Compatibility Table:

Vanguard 35 CDI
Vanguard 35 CDI H
Vanguard 35 Flat
Vanguard 35 Non-CDI
Vanguard 36 Vertical
Vanguard 37 EFI
Vanguard 40 EFI
Vanguard 4000 Single Carb
Vanguard 4000 Twin Carb
Vanguard 4200 CDI
Vanguard 44 CDI Vertical
Vanguard 44 EFI
Vanguard 44 EFI Vertical
Vanguard 4400 BD H
Vanguard 4400S H
Vanguard 4400S Vertical
Vanguard 45 CDI
Vanguard 45 Mag
Vanguard 45 Mag CDI
Vanguard 5000 Mag
Vanguard 5000 Mag CDI
Vanguard 5000 Mag EFI
Vanguard 5000 Mag EFI Vertical
Vanguard 5000 Mag H
Vanguard 5000 Mag Vertical
Vanguard 5500 CDI
Vanguard 5500 Mag
Vanguard 5500 Mag CDI
Vanguard 6000 Mag
Vanguard 7000 Mag
Vanguard 7000 Mag CDI

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