Performance Heads Large Vanguard Set

Performance Heads Large Vanguard Set

Part Number EC-142, EC-143
  • $1,050.00

BPS Heads - $850 per set plus $200 Refundable core charge will be added to every order. (Returned heads must be free of cracks, and broken bolts)

It makes sense to consider BPS heads when building up your motor for more power. Adding an exhaust and carb kit each increase the engine's ability to breath on both ends. Adding our heads completes the flow process. This is the most important upgrade you can make to your motor.

- Stainless valves with triple seats for uncompromising compression.
- Use interlocking valve seats with a swirled polish, ground and sunk, competition style.
- Porting
- Decking (removing material from head to increase compression) allows for increased power while still being able to use blended pump gas. (Note: we remove less material beginning 2012 to avoid spark knock with blended fuels.)
* we recommend using our 1.5:1 ratio roller rockers, head gaskets, and heavy duty push rods with our BPS heads when your engine will be run over 4500 RPMs.

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