Belt Options

Part Number STC-17
  • $169.00

How to Select a Belt

Find your outboard motor model and type in the table below to figure out what belt is compatible with it. Then select a belt from the options in the drop-down box above and click "Add To Cart".

Model and Type Belt Size
Super Long Tail Short Belt 640 (line tooth pattern)
Super Long Tail Tall
Hyper Drive with W Pattern Sprocket Belt W 1120 (W tooth pattern)
Hyper Drive Belt 1120 (line tooth pattern)
Mini "Louisiana Special" Short
Mini "Louisiana Special" Tall Belt 1280 (line tooth pattern)
Hunter Short
Lite Short
Mini Sport Short
Sport Short
Sport Merc Short
HDR Short
Hunter Tall Belt 1440 (line tooth pattern)
Lite Tall
Mini Tall
Sport Tall
Sport Merc Tall
HDR Tall


Belt Tooth Pattern

Most belt driven Mud Buddy outboard motors use a belt with the line tooth pattern; only a few surface Hyperdrive early models use the belt with the W tooth pattern. Click on one of the images below to take a closer look at the belt patern.

Belt with Line Tooth Pattern
Belt with Line Tooth Pattern
Belt with W Tooth Pattern
Belt with W Tooth Pattern

Watch Travis demonstrate how to properly set the belt tension of your outboard motor.

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