Hammer 12.75 X 11 with 3/4" Hex Propeller

Hammer 12.75 X 11 with 3/4" Hex Propeller

Part Number P-22
  • $355.00

The Hammer prop works well on 35-80 hp Surface Drive mud motors with a 3/4" threaded driveshaft. The Hammer was designed to be the best "Big boat, and heavy load" prop on the market. It will get you on plane very quickly, even in thick mud, or vegetation. It also pushes those heavy hunt loads very well. 

In order to spin the Hammer efficiently, you will need to reach at least 4400 RPM's with your stock prop, by yourself in an empty boat. If you cannot reach these RPM's, you need to change gearing, add power, or choose a less aggressive prop.

The proprietary process we use to build the Hammer Propeller is the same formula used to build high performance bass boat propellers. Every blade and every section of each blade is held to strict tolerances; and is so precise, that they require no balancing or polishing.   Picture perfect every time.  You won't find better quality and price anywhere.

Check out these features.  A real value for today's hunter.

  • Stainless steel, Rockwell hardness of 39-41.  All other mud motor blades are Rockwell 31 to 34. Harder blades last longer, perform better in all conditions, and deform less under load.
  • Sizes from 3 to 120 horse.
  • Blade ends are double-cupped for four-wheel drive performance.
  • The machined taper face promotes better alignment which eliminates drive vibration.
  • Improved rake increases speed in open water.
  • Wide blade face ensures better hole-shots in mud.

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