Warrior 12.75 X 10 with 3/4" Hex Propeller

Part Number P-31
  • $349.00

Elevate the performance of your duck hunting boat with the revolutionary Warrior Performance Plus Propeller by Mud Buddy and Backwater Performance; a "Whole New Gear" for your surface drive mud motor.

Crafted as a game-changer for surface drive mud motors ranging from 35 to 70 horsepower, this two-blade propeller redefines power and speed in challenging terrains and heavy boats that demand exceptional propeller strength.

The Warrior is the amalgamation of the iconic Mud Buddy Big Blade and the robust design of the Mud Buddy 12.75” Hammer propeller, combining the best of both to create an unmatched propeller in terms of performance and durability. Its 12.75-inch diameter with a 10-pitch blade features a thicker blade surface crafted for rugged conditions, utilizing a hardened Rockwell stainless steel alloy that extends blade life. The knifelike blade edge effortlessly slices through open water, ensuring a smooth navigation experience.

Compatible with all belt drive motors featuring a 3/4" hex shaft, the Warrior propeller stands out for its superior electronic balance and a new bright chrome-like polished finish, amplifying both aesthetics and functionality. For GTR XD models, an adaptor bushing is required (please specify your motor brand and model when ordering).

Designed to perform optimally on motors running between 4200 to 4650 rpm, the Warrior propeller complements engines equipped with level 1-3 performance kits and turbo kits, delivering enhanced power and efficiency. Backed by a limited lifetime breakage warranty, this performance-driven propeller is competitively priced.

Gear up your duck hunting boat with the Warrior Performance Plus Propeller – where exceptional design meets the demands of rugged terrains, ensuring an unparalleled hunting experience.

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