Air Filter Cover Knob Large Vanguard

Part Number EC-15-5/16
  • $13.00

Air filter cover knob for large block Vanguard engines with no Carb Kit installed and flat air filter cover. Original Briggs and Stratton replacement parts.

There are two options for this part available. Please choose between M6, or M8 threads on the bottom of the knob.

This part is compatible with the following engines:

Vanguard 29
Vanguard 31
Vanguard 35 Flat
Vanguard 35 CDI
Vanguard 36 Vertical
Vanguard 35 CDI
Vanguard 35 Non-CDI
Vanguard 37 EFI
Vanguard 40 EFI
Vanguard 45 Mag

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