Anode Skeg HDR

Part Number STC-454
  • $8.00

Skeg Anode for Sport, Sport Merc, and HDR Outboard Motors

This sked anode is specifically designed for use on Mud Buddy Sport, Sport Merc, Sport Mini, HDR, and other shallow water outboard motors. This essential accessory helps protect critical areas of your boat from corrosion. Made to endure harsh marine environments, our anode is a key component in maintaining your boat's longevity.

Purpose: The primary function of the anode is to protect underwater metal parts from galvanic corrosion. Without an anode, your boat's propeller, drive, motion base, and engine are at significant risk of corrosion, potentially leading to costly damages.

Maintenance: We recommend replacing anodes when they are half eroded or dissolved, which is typically once a year. Regular inspection and maintenance of anodes are vital to ensure the ongoing protection of your boat's underwater metal parts.

Get a high-quality anode to safeguard your boat's valuable components and enhance its longevity in shallow water conditions.

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