BEAST Performance Package for 40 EFI

Part Number K-BeastR
  • $3,136.00

The QS mufflers are on backorder until the end of September. You can still place an order to be put on the backorder list. 

 RELEASE THE BEAST with our newest performance package for your 40hp EFI Vanguard engine. This package will increase your engine's power to over 52 hp, and 60 ft lbs of torque. It has been designed to push the heaviest loads, and still be extremely reliable.

****PRICE INCLUDES $400 refundable core charge for cylinder heads.

This performance package includes:

  1. Air filter K&N
  2. Performance head left and right
  3. Performance cam
  4. Head gasket X 2
  5. Pushrod competition X 4
  6. Neptune EFI controller
  1. Valve cover gasket X 2
  2. Tappet valves X 4
  3. Intake gasket X 2
  4. Muffler gasket X 2
  5. Performance Roller Rocker X 4
  6. Muffler Option

Beast Performance Package Numbered Items

12A. Muffler Option - Rapid Muffler
12A. Muffler Option - Rapid Muffler
12B. Muffler Option - Q Muffler
12B. Muffler Option - Quiet Muffler

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