Carburetor Mikuni HSR 42mm

Part Number CKC-22K
  • $423.50

Mikuni carburetor 42mm for Mud Buddy outboard motors with a single carb kit installed on a large block vanguard engine.

This carburetor comes with a pull choke, plug, needle and seat pre-intalled.

Mikuni's HSR42, carburetors are the finest VTWIN carburetors made today. They give superb throttle response and deliver all the airflow needed for any level of Mud Motor performance.

The simple addition of an HSR42, together with high flow air cleaner and exhaust modifications can increase power by 25%.

The carb dramatically improves the power of the Vanguard carbureted engines and delivers unmatched throttle response and acceleration! Maximum horsepower is typically increased from 33-35 to 40-44 HP. This example "before and after" power increase was produced with the combination of the Mikuni HSR42, a BPS Intake Manifold and a BPS "Q" Muffler.

Pull Choke on Carburetor
Pull Choke on Carburetor
Carburetor seat installed
Carburetor Seat Installed

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