Oil Cooler Large Vanguard with Separate Bracket

Part Number EC-163
  • $160.00

Oil cooler for large block Vanguard engines that have an oil cooler with separate bracket. The separate bracket is included with the purchase of this oil cooler. This part is compatible with the following engines:

Vanguard 29
Vanguard 31
Vanguard 35 CDI
Vanguard 35 CDI H
Vanguard 35 Flat
Vanguard 35 Non-CDI
Vanguard 36 Vertical
Vanguard 37 EFI
Vanguard 37 EFI Vertical
Vanguard 4000 Single Carb
Vanguard 4000 Twin Carb
Vanguard 4200 CDI
Vanguard 44 CDI Vertical
Vanguard 44 EFI
Vanguard 4400 BD H
Vanguard 4400S H
Vanguard 45 CDI
Vanguard 45 Mag
Vanguard 45 Mag CDI
Vanguard 5000 Mag
Vanguard 5000 Mag CDI
Vanguard 5000 Mag EFI
Vanguard 5000 Mag H
Vanguard 5500 CDI
Vanguard 5500 Mag
Vanguard 5500 Mag CDI
Vanguard 6000 Mag
Vanguard 7000 Mag
Vanguard 7000 Mag CDI
Vanguard 7500 Mag CDI


Oil Cooler
Oil Cooler
Oil Cooler Bracket
Oil Cooler Bracket

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