Roller Rocker Set Large Vanguard Performance

Part Number PC-04k
  • $600.00

Stock rockers are a 1.33:1 ratio.  These rockers are 1.5:1 which increase the fuel-air mixture inflow and the volume of exhaust out of the cylinders. Basically - the engine breathes better.
Made from seasoned 7075 billet aluminum.
Aircraft grade aluminum and our new robust design ensures long life and no lifter flex when we induce added valve spring loads with the high rev spacer.
Our exclusive roller bearing style rollers free up additional horsepower and reduce the side load on the valve stem for reduced wear and longer valve guide life. This also improves valve timing through the RPM range. This ensures that our valves seat better over a longer period.
These rockers can be used to replace stock rockers or can be used on our performance camshafts.
We do not machine down the perches and eliminate the bosses that center the rockers. Meaning our roller bearing rocker system is well thought out for engine longevity. Our rockers are custom built, not modified from other applications to work on these engines.  Our rockers are better aligned and our rockers don't add additional side load to the valves, a matter of fact, we reduce side load. Also, our rockers are designed to use stock valve covers. This took additional work, but well worth our time and design cost.
These roller rockers will fit both small and large Vanguard engines. We recommend using our heavy duty pushrods with our performance roller rockers.

Roller Rocker Side View
Roller Rocker Side View
Roller Rocker Bottom View
Roller Rocker Bottom View

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