Rocker Arm Stock Vanguard

Part Number BPS-120
  • $15.00

Roller rocker arm for large and small block Vanguard engines. This part is compatible with the following engines:

E-15 Vanguard 14
E-16 Vanguard 18
E-17 Vanguard 23
E-39 Vanguard 35 CDI
E-55 Vanguard 35 CDI H
E-70 Vanguard 35 CDI H Long Block
E-68 Vanguard 35 CDI Long Block
E-23 Vanguard 35 Flat
E-57 Vanguard 35 Non-CDI
E-45 Vanguard 36 Vertical
E-69 Vanguard 36 Vertical Long Block
E-71 Vanguard 37 EFI
E-72 Vanguard 37 EFI Vertical
E-29 Vanguard 4000 Single Carb
E-31 Vanguard 4000 Twin Carb
E-51 Vanguard 4200 CDI
E-46 Vanguard 44 CDI Vertical
E-73 Vanguard 44 EFI
E-74 Vanguard 44 EFI Vertical
E-58 Vanguard 4400 BD H
E-64 Vanguard 4400S H
E-54 Vanguard 4400S Vertical
E-42 Vanguard 45 CDI
E-59 Vanguard 5000 Mag H
E-41 Vanguard 5500 CDI

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