Stinger Skewer 2 Barb Point

Stinger Skewer 2 Barb Point

Part Number BWF-STG2PNT
  • $16.99

The DS2 sports 1-3/8-inch stainless spring steel swept barbs designed for the ultimate in holding power. The smaller (.07) diameterbarbs partially collapse on impact, but immediately expand as arrow velocity decreases; the result is incredible penetration, with the ultimate in holding power.


 Hardened bullet tip resists deformation and increases penetration

Conical tip eliminates flat-surface planing

Two 1-3/8 swept barbs hold fish tight

Smaller diameter barbs improve penetration without sacrificing hold

Dual friction ring design

Every point in the APS sports a hardened conical “bullet” tip. Bullet/conical tips eliminate the planing that sometimes occurs with traditional chisel style tips, and No Plane means Better Accuracy. Rocks? Not a problem for these tips. Each APS point features either a single or double (dual) friction ring designed to both secure the tip and body to the ferrule, as well as to prevent spin-offs when targeting larger fish.

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