Transom Saver Kit

Transom Saver Kit

Part Number SVC-245
  • $120.00

Extend the life of your trim motor by using this transom saver kit when you tow your boat.

This transom saver kit helps you put\ the weight of your motor on the towing trailer instead of the travel lock, the transom of the boat and the trim of the motor.

Transom Saver Kit Items

This kit includes:

  1. Bungee Cord x 2
  2. Transom Saver Bar
  3. Cargo Strap x 2
  4. Wire-Lock Pin x2
  5. Trailer Bracker Bolt x 2
  6. Trailer Bracket Nuts x 2
  1. Skeg Bolt
  2. Skeg Nut
  3. Skeg Bracket x 2
  4. Trailer Bracket
  5. Instructions (not shown)

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