Carb Kit Single Horizontal Vanguard 21 to 23 hp

Part Number CK-SH23
  • $775.00

******* CDI Carb Kits are ONLY FOR USE IN CDI ENGINES ***********

If you are not sure if your engine is CDI, please call 385-695-3807 or follow this guide.

Horizontal 34mm Mikuni Carb Kit:

You will see improved cold starting, idle, throttle response, hole shot, load carrying, and top speed.

You will also get rid of the archaic Briggs system of governor, levers, and springs used to control the throttle, and idle

  • For small block horizontal Vanguard 21-23 hp engines
  • Easy to install, includes all mounting components, photo instructions included
  • Round slide 34mm Mikuni for small block Vanguard
  • Black Death intake manifold
  • Tau Ceti air cleaner with micro prefilter cover or a K&N air cleaner with no prefilter cover 
  • Governor lock
  • Rev Limiter 4470-4670
  • Brush cover
  • Jet set installed in the carburetor
  • Throttle cable
  • BPS SS throttle lever


**NOTE** It is difficult to tell from the outside if your engine has CDI ignition or not. CDI coils have plug wires coming from opposite sides of the coil. Non CDI models have plug wires coming from the same side of both coils*******

Learn more about our carb kits here.

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Mikuni VM Round Slide Carburetor Tuning Manual
Mikuni VM Carburetor Tuning Manual.
Single Carb Kit 34mm Installation Instructions
Single Carb Kit 34mm Installation Instructions.
X Lite Performance Muffler Small Vanguard
X Lite Performance Muffler Small Vanguard
Stage 1 Kit Small Vanguard
Stage-1 Kit Small Vanguard
CDI vs Non-CDI
Is my engine CDI?

Test Run

Dyno run on a Mud Buddy 23 mini with stage 1 kit, carb kit and X LITE muffler.

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