Carb Kit Single Vertical Vanguard CDI 36 hp

Part Number CK-SVCDI
  • $810.00

******* ONLY FOR USE IN CDI ENGINES ***********

If you are not sure if your engine is CDI, please call 385-695-3807 or follow this guide.

Vertical CDI 42mm Mikuni Carb Kit 

  • For large block vertical Vanguard CDI 36 hp engines
  • Easy to install, includes all mounting components, photo instructions included
  • HSR 42mm Mikuni for large block standard engine
  • Custom K&N air cleaner with micro prefilter cover
  • Governor lock
  • Jet set installed in the carburetor
  • Throttle cable and mount assembly for Pro Drive motors

Learn more about our carb kits here.

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Mikuni HSR carburetor tuning manual.
Mikuni HSR Carburetor Tuning Manual
Single carb kit 42mm for large block Vanguard vertical engines, installation instructions.
Single 42mm Carb Kit Vertical Installation Instructions

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CDI vs Non-CDI
Is my engine CDI?

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