Carburetor Rebuild Kit Mikuni 42mm

Part Number CKC-551
  • $42.00

Genuine Mikuni HSR42 and HSR45 Rebuild Kit. For Mikuni carburetors 42 mm and 45mm. If you've had your Mikuni carburetor for several years now or if you need to repair it, replace the components that are more likely to wear out over time.

This rebuild kit includes an exploded view diagram of the carburetor and the following replacement parts :

  1. Top Cover Gasket
  2. Jet Needle E-Ring
  3. Jet Needle Washer
  4. Throttle Valve Seal
  5. Pilot Air O-Ring
  6. Fuel Joint O-Ring X 2
  7. A/P O-Ring
  8. N.V. O-Ring
  1. N.V. Retainer Screw
  2. Needle and Seat 2.3
  3. Float Bowl Packing
  4. Overflow Hose
  5. Drain Plug O-Ring
  6. Float Bowl Screw X 4
  7. A/P Rod Boot
Carburetor Rebuild Kit Mikuni 42mm and 45mm items numbered

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