Coil Wire Harness Large Vanguard

Coil Wire Harness Large Vanguard

Part Number EC-131
  • $55.00

Coil wire harness for large block Vanguard Non-CDI engines. Original Briggs and Stratton replacement parts.

This part is compatible with the following engines:

Vanguard 35 Flat
Vanguard 35 Non-CDI
Vanguard 4000 Single Carb
Vanguard 4000 Twin Carb
Vanguard 4400 BD H
Vanguard 4400S H
Vanguard 45 Mag
Vanguard 5000 Mag
Vanguard 5000 Mag H
Vanguard 5500 Mag
Vanguard 6000 Mag
Vanguard 7000 Mag

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