Drive Assembly 32"

Part Number STC-409BPS
  • $1,405.00

Comes complete with your choice of tooth sprocket 46, 47, 48, 50, 52 or if your old taper lock and sprocket are in good shape save money by using your old ones and order it without. Pre filled with grease.

Fits Sport Drives and the older 04 Hyper Balanced Drives.

Notes: This is a ¾ Hex shaft if you have an 04 it probably is a 7/8 threaded shaft you will need a new prop

     If using this drive to replace an 04-05 36’’-48’’ drive check the teeth on the belt it will need to be the straight tooth pattern not the V Pattern.

Belt Tooth Pattern

Most belt driven Mud Buddy outboard motors use a belt with the line tooth pattern; only a few surface Hyperdrive early models use the belt with the W tooth pattern. Click on one of the images below to take a closer look at the belt patern.

Belt with Line Tooth Pattern
Belt with Line Tooth Pattern
Belt with W Tooth Pattern
Belt with W Tooth Pattern

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